How to beat competing buyers and get your offer accepted!

Frustrated and disappointed with writing offers? We increase your chances on winning the next house.

We make your offer more attractive to sellers using our part art and part science seller financing or lease purchase with credit approach.

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    Everything You Want in a Home

    Have you already visited dozens of houses and you can’t find a house that checks all the boxes on your wish list?

    We send you a list of build to order homes. These beautiful homes are brand new and you will be the first owner. Prices starts from $305,000. No more wasting time driving around fruitlessly. We get you into the home you always wanted.

    You pick the floor plan of your choice then you personalize your selections of paint colors, cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances and more!

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      For A Better Tomorrow

      Rent to Own programs

      Do you know how to participate in the Rent to Own Programs and overcome common obstacles to home ownership?
      ✅ Your credit score isn’t quite there yet and need time to improve your FICO score.
      ✅ You are a first-time home buyer and are experiencing difficulties in getting your offers accepted by sellers because there are many stronger competing buyers.
      ✅ You’re self-employed or got a new job and banks are not allowed to lend to you yet.
      ✅ You are relocating to a new area and want to try before you buy.

      The Rent to Own programs are also good for renters looking to rent a great home and there’s no inventory of high-quality homes in the rental market. With the Rent to Own programs, You have more modern and higher quality homes to choose from the homes for sale market. You have the option to buy but not required to buy. You can decide not to buy, after renting.

      Fee Based Services Available

      We also offer fee based services for specialized real estate needs.

      Coordinate Showings
      We coordinate and schedule showings that are convenient for you. This service is great if you are in the early stages of shopping for a property and do not know yet what to buy or where to buy. You can see as many homes as needed to help you decide what you like. A small fee is charged for each showing scheduled to cover traveling and administration expenses. There is no sales pressure to buy. It’s fun like booking a tour.

      Investor Friendly Fannie Mae and HUD Homes Foreclosures
      If you are a new real estate investor and want to try blasting offers to buy foreclosures from Fannie Mae and HUD Homes at a deep discount and see what sticks, this service is for you. A small fee is charged for writing each offer and counter offer. Investor friendly offers at 70% of After Repair Value or less are welcome.

      Available Trustee
      Do you need a Trustee for a your Land Trust? Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your privacy. Keep your real estate assets private.

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